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Teaching people - and people caring for aging parents - how estate planning works, so you can avoid a mess.

Estate Planning Can Be Manageable

Overwhelmed by the idea of talking you someone you love about their estate plan? Get my free video with do’s and don’ts for the conversation.

You Can Avoid a Mess

I created Organized (after)Life because as an attorney, I’ve seen too many people leave avoidable legal messes, EVEN with perfectly fine legal documents. Why? Because they didn’t understand how this works and didn’t know what they could do now to make things easier for the people they love, later.




If only everyone understood how this works and took they steps they needed to, they -or their loved ones- wouldn’t be scrambling at the worst possible time. As an attorney, I know how critical it is for you to understand the basics of how estate planning works. A bit of know-how is the difference between leaving a manageable legal to-do list and leaving a mess.


At Organized (after)Life, I teach you what you need to know to avoid a mess.

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Hi. I’m Jen.

I’m an attorney who’s walked with hundreds of people and families through the legal affairs that come up at incapacity and death. I am dedicated to equipping you with the information you need to leave a manageable to-do list and to inspire you to leave good legacy.

Is this for me

What You’ll Learn In My Signature Course, Your Organized (after)Life Workshop

Estate planning is a process that many people don’t really understand – and that’s understandable! I can help you understand how this legal process works and how you can lessen the burden on loved ones.

How assets move after death

The first thing I need to know as an attorney helping families, is what the person had and how those things are moving. You can not set up a manageable to-do list without understanding this fundamental concept. I’ll walk you though this important, but easy to understand legal structure.

Steps to leave a manageable plan

The people who left behind a manageable to-do list took common steps, starting with understanding what they owned. I’ll walk you through each necessary step.

How to ensure you get a personalized plan

Leaving behind a manageable to-do list take more than documents, it takes a strategy – like knowing if you should have a trust or not. You can only get a personalized strategy through a local attorney licensed in your state. I’ll give you tips on how to locate an attorney who bring you incredible value by helping you strategize and who will craft a plan personalized to your needs.

Steps to take to ensure your plan goes into action

A manageable to-do list takes a strategy and good documents to set up the strategy, but the strategy won’t happen unless you’re financial organized. I’ll walk you through the organization process and teach you how to keep your finances organized.

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