Your Organized (after)Life Workshop

The online program where you learn what you need to know about estate planning and walk through what you need to do so you leave a manageable to-do list, not a mess.

You can avoid a mess.

Leaving a mess matters because it gets in the way of people carrying on the things that are important about you.

And you’re not the kind of person to leave things to chance. If you’re going to go to the effort – and expense – of getting a will or a trust, you want to know that you’re doing it the right way.

You want to know that it’s going to work.

You can get documents lots of places, but I see people with lots of documents still leave a mess. An estate plan is thinking through the legal to-do list you’ll leave and doing things now to make that list manageable.

That’s a strategy.

Documents are important. They set up the plan. But you also need to understand what you have and coordinate your assets to follow your plan. That means you need to know how this works and do more than sign documents.

Your Organized (after)Life Workshop is an online, at your pace, workshop where I teach you what you need to know so that you can leave a manageable to-do list.

The Estate Plan Workshop Teaches You

How assets move after death

The first thing I need to know as an attorney helping families, is what the person had and how those things are moving. You can not set up a manageable to-do list without understanding this fundamental concept. I’ll walk you though this important, but easy to understand legal structure.

Steps to leave a manageable plan

The people who left behind a manageable to-do list took common steps, starting with understanding what they owned. I’ll walk you through each necessary step.

How to ensure you get a personalized plan

Leaving behind a manageable to-do list take more than documents, it takes a strategy – like knowing if you should have a trust or not. You can only get a personalized strategy through a local attorney licensed in your state. I’ll give you tips on how to locate an attorney who bring you incredible value by helping you strategize and who will craft a plan personalized to your needs.

Steps to take to ensure your plan goes into action

A manageable to-do list takes a strategy and good documents to set up the strategy, but the strategy won’t happen unless you’re financially organized. I’ll walk you through the organization process and teach you how to keep your finances organized.

In Your Organized (after)Life Workshop you’ll learn the information you need to be a knowledgeable consumer to be able to confidently get an estate plan in place and know what you need to continue to do to make your plan happen.

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What You’ll Learn


    • Introduction Video
    • Expectations Video
    • Intro Homework
    • Glossary Slides
    • Intro Wrap Video

Step: 1 Gather

    • Step 1: Gather Video
    • The Two Ways Your Assets Move Slides
    • Asset Checklist Slides
    • Step 1: Gather Wrap Video

Step 2: Check-In

    • Step 2: Check-In Video
    • Guide to Working with an Estate Planner Slides
    • Step 2: Check-In Wrap Video

Step 3: Reach Out

    • Step 3: Reach Out Video
    • Fiduciary List Slides
    • Step 3: Reach Out Wrap Video

Step 4: Execute

    • Step 4: Execute Video
    • Storage Key Slides
    • Step 4: Execute Wrap Video

Step 5: Keep Up

    • Step 5: Keep Up Video
    • Checklists Slides
    • Step 5: Keep Up Wrap Video

Step 6: Update

    • Step 6: Update Video
    • Update Key Slides
    • Step 6: Update Wrap Video

Workshop Survey

    • Workshop Survey

Good Legacy

    • Good Legacy Video

Your Organized (after)Life Workshop is an online, at your pace, estate plan workshop where I teach you what you need to know so that you can leave a manageable to-do list.

Take Control Of Your Legacy. Let’s Get Organized!

Frequently Asked Questions

I have a will, Isn't that enough?

Leaving a manageable to-do list isn’t just about documents. I see people with lots of documents leave messes all the time. Documents are important, they set up the plan. But it also takes financial organization – knowing what you have and coordinating your assets – to make sure your plan actually happens. If you already have legal documents, like a will or a trust, I’ll teach you the strategy behind the documents, help you understand how to coordinate your assets to follow the plan, and I’ll show you when you should meet with an attorney for an update.

What if I'm less worried about the to-do list I'll leave and more worried about the mess I'll clean up?

If the odds are good you’ll be cleaning up a mess before you leave one, the information you’ll learn in the Workshop will equip you to understand the process of how assets move after someone dies. You won’t be stuck having to learn this on the fly, with a mess on your hands and while you’re also processing grief.

What does it cost?

A single payment of $347

How long is the course and how long do I have access?

The course is four hours of instruction over eight sessions. You can easily complete this homework within eight weeks, but life gets in the way. You have access to the video course for 90 days. Why not lifetime access? Because this has been on your to-do list for long enough. You have a goal and the incentive to finally set up a manageable to-do list. Your access to the instruction is limited, but you have downloadable reference materials that are yours for future reference.

How can I learn more?

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