I’m Jen Gumbel, a probate and estate planning attorney, educator, speaker and creator of Organized (after)Life. I’ve spent over a decade teaching my own clients and other attorneys about the legal issues that come up at death. I’m an expert that makes this complex topic understandable, approachable, and – importantly – doable.


I’m a dynamic speaker, who equips and inspires an audience to take control of the legal to-do list they’ll leave behind by giving concrete next steps to take – no matter what state they live in – and I challenge them to consider their good legacy.


Great for:

  • personal finance coaches
  • financial professionals
  • human resources professionals
  • end of life professionals
  • caregivers
  • parents
  • business owners and entrepreneurs


Do you want to bring the topic of estate planning to your event, mastermind, live trainings, or live workshops? Book an expert with a proven ability to make this overwhelming topic understandable, approachable and doable.


Estate planning and probate can be a dry topic and perceived as overwhelming and boring. BUT IT DOESN’T HAVE TO BE. This is what audience members have said.

  • “Jen made her topic fun and relatable”
  • Best presentation on this topic! EVER Thanks for the humor and simple approach. I get it! And motivated to act.”
  • Humor and steady pace. Simply outstanding! Learned sooo much.”
  • “Hands down. Jen Gumbel presented one of my favorite sessions! I have a page full of notes.”



Bring me to your audience and receive a discount code for Your Organized (after)Life Workshop and the Probate Bootcamp.

I Cover Topics Like
  • Estate Planning & Probate
  • Financial Organization
  • Legacy & Lasting Impact
  • Memento Mori
  • Leadership
  • Parenting

The host organization is required to cover all speaker fees and travel expenses (food, housing, and transportation). Speaker fees will be based on distance, travel, and time of participation.

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A Dynamic Speaker

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