I’m Jen Gumbel, educator, speaker and creator of Organized (after)Life. I’ve spent over a dozen years walking families through the legal to-do list they’re left with and I am dedicated to equipping people to leave a manageable to-do list. I challenge people to make good legacy and to understand that considering the number of your days isn’t morbid: it makes you wise.


Considering the number of your days changes how you live by bringing focus in your day to day living, in your work, your family and your community.


I challenge people to consider their legacy. Whether it’s digging into what lasting impact can be or the practical information of how to leave a manageable legal to-do list so that people are able to recognize and carry on their legacy.

I Cover Topics Like
  • Estate Planning
  • Financial Organization
  • Legacy and Lasting Impact
  • Memento Mori
  • Leadership
  • Parenting

The host organization is required to cover all speaker fees and travel expenses (food, housing, and transportation). Speaker fees will be based on distance, travel, and time of participation.

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