The Legal Field Guide to

Helping Aging Parents

The online program that ends the confusion about the legal issues that come up as your parents age.

Watching a loved one age and face health issues is hard enough without also having to understand all of the legal issues involved. In the Field Guide, I’ll teach you the legal issues you’ll run into, how to deal with – or avoid – a legal mess, and when it’s time to call in a professional.


Go from feeling overwhelmed and confused to feeling equipped with knowledge. Experience confidence in facing the legal issues you and your loved one will encounter.



Go from confusion to confidence.

The legal issues we all face should not be confusing.


Dealing with a loved one’s incapacity and their death is overwhelming for so many reasons. One reason is that legal issues come up and legal issues can be confusing.


But knowledge is power over confusion.


Learn the basics of the legal issues that come up and when you need to work with a professional, in the Field Guide.

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The Field Guide Teaches You

How Assets Move After Death

Learn how beneficiary designations, wills and trusts all interact. Learn when probate happens and when assets might transfer in ways you didn't anticipate.

The Legal Issues You'll Face

What happens if my loved one can make decisions for themself? What if they make decisions that are harmful? Will the nursing home take everything? What about taxes? Get an introduction to the legal issues we all will face.

When The Court Becomes Involved

Does a judge decide everything? Learn when a court becomes involved.

When It's Time To Work With A Professional

Learn when it's time to reach out to a professional.

The Field Guide is an online, at your pace, course

where I teach you what you need to know about the legal issues that come up

when a loved one ages and encounters health issues.

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What You’ll Learn


The Legal Field Guide to Helping to Helping Aging Parents is an online, at your pace, course where I teach you what you need to know about legal issues that come up when a loved one encounters health issues and passes away.


    • Introduction Video
    • Downloadable Workbook

How Assets Move

    • How Assets Move Video
    • How Assets Move Quiz

The Role of Documents

    • The Role of Documents Video
    • The Role of Documents Quiz


    • Taxes Video
    • Taxes Quiz


    • Incapacity Video
    • Incapacity Quiz


    • Inheritance Video
    • Inheritance Quiz

Nursing Home

    • Nursing Home Care Video
    • Nursing Home Care Quiz

Bonus: How To Get An Effective Estate Plan

    • An Effective Estate Plan Video
    • Field Guide Survey

Go from confusion to clarity and confidence about the legal issues we’ll all face.

Frequently Asked Questions

Isn't a will enough?

Leaving a manageable to-do list isn’t just about documents. I see people with lots of documents leave legal messes all the time. Documents are important, they set up the plan. But it takes more to leaving a manageable to-do list and to make sure the plan actually happens. For example, a will doesn’t prevent probate. It’s for probate! In the Field Guide, you’ll learn how assets move and the role of documents like wills and trusts.

What does it cost?

A single payment of $197

How long is the course and how long do I have access?

The course is approximately an hour of instruction over eight sessions. You have unlimited access to the video course for as long as the course is available.  You have the downloadable workbook that is yours for future reference.

I'm ready, but is it right for me?

The online platform I use for the Workshop is easy to use. You can get a preview to see if it’s right for you. If you’re ready to avoid a mess, take these steps.

  1. See the course curriculum and a free preview video when you sign-up as student.
  2. Enroll by purchasing the Field Guide within the platform.

Let’s go Organizer!

A Note from the Field Guide Teacher, Jen


After over 15 years of working with families as a probate attorney, I’ve learned these issues can be confusing and overwhelming. But knowledge is power.


I’m walking you through the basics of the legal issues you’ll encounter as your loved one ages and encounters health issues, along with letting you know when it’s time to work with a professional. The legal issues we all face should not be confusing. Let’s end the confusion.

Go from overwhelmed and confused

to prepared and confident facing the legal issues you’ll be left with.

The legal issues that we all will face shouldn't be a mystery.