Marlon Brando Estate and Matching Your Plan to Your Intent.

The point of estate planning is to leave a manageable to-do list, not a mess. If your estate plan isn’t matching your intent, then you will leave a mess.

The Marlon Brando Estate is an example of when intent, or at least what one person says his intent was, and the legal documents don’t match.

In the case of the Marlon Brando Estate, his housekeeper claimed that he told her she would inherit his house when he died. The problem? He never put it properly in writing. All of that, lead to a court fight. Hear more about the story on the podcast.

The moral is to document promises and make sure what your documents say and what actually happens is consistent with your intent and consistent with whatever you might be telling someone to expect.

That means you should not only get estate planning documents that come as a result of a strategy of how you will leave a manageable to-do list in your specific situation, you also need to understand what you own and whether the things you own are following the plan.

That’s how you leave a manageable to-do list.

You need to know how this works. That’s why I made Your Organized (after)Life Workshop. Find out more, here. In the Workshop, I walk you through the steps you need to take and teach you what you need to know, so you don’t leave a mess.

Estate planning the right way is doable, with your plan matching your intent. But it takes more that simply having a will done. You need to be organized. I can show you how.

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