It’s a Podcast!

I’m a nerd. You may have suspected that by now. I am bit obsessed with the legal issues that come up when someone dies… and obsessed with people having their legal affairs organized. That’s why, whenever I have an opportunity to tell a group of people how to do that, I jump on it.


Lawyers are known for hearing themselves talk. I’m… probably.. guilty. But, I also love seeing when light bulbs go off in the room.

“Oh, that’s how that works!”

“Oh, that’s what that document actually does, I had no idea!”

I want more people to have a chance to have those light bulb moments. Especially when it come to helping you make it easier for when the people you love are dealing with your death. That’s one reason I started this website.

But, some people learn better by listening. And, as I said, I like talking. So. I started a podcast.

If you’re not familiar. Podcasts are audio shows that are on-demand. A website has articles with information, sort of like a magazine. But you can return to it as many times as you want, find it later, and pass it along to as many people you want…. you can feel free to do that with this website, by the way. Shameless plug.

A podcast is the audio version. It’s an audio show with information that you can easily listen to on-demand.

It’s like a radio program.

A radio program that can listen to when you want. Like when you’re killing time. Or commuting. Or talking to your parents about why they should organize their affairs. Or your clients.

So where can you find it? You can always find it on this website. Look on the right hand side, up by the light bulb picture in this article. I’ll wait.

See on the right hand side? The orange square with white arcs? That an RSS feed icon. Click on that, and you’ll get the latest episode.

If you want to find a particular episode, you can find the podcast on Spreaker. Or, you can find it on ITunes. Simply open the ITunes app and go to podcasts in the Itunes store. Type “an organized after life” in the search. Please subscribe. If you have the information helpful, rate it. By doing so, you let me know doing the podcast doing it’s job; helping more people have light-bulb moments and helping you learn how to have an organized (after)life.


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