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We all know we have to do estate planning. Very few of us do it. Why? Maybe it’s because there are so many questions? Do I need a will? Should I avoid probate? What is probate?

Does the idea of estate planning overwhelm you? Is it something on your to do list, but you don’t know where to begin? Are you stuck on a particular issue? Are you just filled with questions? What if you could get an answer?


Estate planning is overwhelming. We don’t get this information in school. Most of us have to deal with this stuff. And, most of us have no where to get a basic understanding of how legal issues work. What’s the significance of a deed? How does a guardian get appointed? How does the family get the chance to see what’s in the will?

I spend a ton of time with clients bringing them up to speed on the basics and dispelling misunderstandings.

It’s part of the reason I jump on any chance to talk about this stuff with groups, and do this website…

and the podcast.

I wrapped up Season 1. And I have something up my sleeve for Season 2. It involves you. I’m dedicating half of next season to your questions.

Here’s how it works.

If you have a burning question about estate planning, email

In the subject line, list your state of residence and summarize your question in the subject line. My non-attorney screener (okay, my husband, who is definitely not an attorney) will reason your email and pass along your question. Six listener questions will be selected for me to answer on the podcast. If yours is chosen, you’ll get an email letting you know to tune in.

Why don’t I read them? I might find out to much. Let’s say you tell me all about your jerk of a brother-in-law…. and then your brother-in-law shows up in my office. That’s no good for anybody. So, Mr. Screener will give me your question, and make sure I don’t get too much information to create a problem for me… and for you.

Here’s an example of how to submit your question. Let’s say you’re in Wisconsin and have a cabin you share with siblings. You’ve been wondering how exactly you should deal with expenses. Okay, in the subject line write, Wisconsin. I own a cabin with siblings and I want to know how to deal with expenses. Send it to, Easy.

So. Estate planning is overwhelming. And you have questions. I’m ready to give answers. Want your question answered? Email


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