what is an estate plan

What is an Estate Plan?

what is an estate plan

This is my not-office, office. It’s my car and I’m getting a lot of work done here to help you understand what is an estate plan.

I’m a practicing attorney and I’ve done it for over ten years, but in a regular office. I’ve seen how our industry can fall short of preparing people to leave a manageable to-do list for grieving people. Too many people leave a mess.

What is an estate plan? It’s just leaving a manageable to-do list. Leaving a manageable to-do list takes more than just documents. People with documents leave messes all the time. Leaving a manageable to-do list takes making an estate plan with a professional, a licensed attorney where you live who can make the right documents to set up a plan for your situation. And it takes financial organization to make sure the plan actually happens.

I hate death. And I hate how woefully unprepared our culture is in preparing people to not leave a mess. It’s the reason I started this website. But not leaving a mess can feel overwhelming. Throughout my career, I’ve wanted to figure how to equip people to leave a manageable to-do list.

I’ve seen what people have done who don’t leave a mess. They all took the same steps. Usually, these are people who had to deal with someone else’s to-do list, so they learned what to do in a hard way.

I’ve finally figured out how to show you these steps and it’s almost ready. I’m putting together An Organized (after)Life Workshop to equip you with the knowledge of how to make an effective estate plan and to push you to actually get it done.

In the workshop, I’m going to walk you through basic information, the same information I give to my own clients, to be able to understand what your estate plan is and what it’s doing. Information that should be common knowledge, but isn’t. I’ll show you how to find an attorney that can truly make a plan for your situation – that actually reduces your to-do list – and walk you through the important, but often missed step, of financial organization.

At the end of this course, you won’t have to wonder if you’re “good”. You’ll know what it takes to be good and you’ll have taken the steps to know that you are.

That’s why I have my not-office, office where I’m putting together Your Organized (after)Life Workshop, before work, after work, during my lunch break and on the weekends. This is an eight-session online course to equip you to leave a manageable to-do list and the class will be ready in August. In the meantime, check out Your Organized (after)Life Workshop at https://anorganizedafterlife.thinkific.com/courses/your-organized-after-life-workshop .

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