Wow. Never thought we’d have a time where everyone on the freaking planet is having their everyday turned upside down – all at the same time.

You might see that the last post was… a while ago. Even before a corona virus took our to-do lists and dumped them on the floor -scattering them into a heap of “huh” and “what now?”- I was planning to slow my posts here. A few months ago, it finally dawned on me how to do something that has been rolling in my brain for over ten years.

In the years of being in this industry, I’ve wondered what I can do to be more effective in showing people how to get good documents and also have the organization it takes to leave a manageable to-do list. That’s why I put this website and podcast together. Now, I’m adding more. In the coming months, I’ll be holding live events on FaceBook to show you the common misconceptions that leave a mess (head over here to sign up to follow and like the page) and offering a workshop to walk you through the organization process.

I am more convinced than ever that having your financial information organized and your legal affairs in order is important. It’s right up there with evaluating your pantry and freezer and calculating when you actually need to buy toilet paper. And, I’m sick of people wondering at night – even when they’ve done the documents – whether they’re “good”. Or even worse, thinking they’re “fine” and later having grieving people find out there were easy steps that could have been taken – that weren’t – which could have avoided the mess they now have to deal with.

My drive in all of this is to stop that. I hate death. And, because I’m a lawyer, the best way I know how to ease the fallout is to help people organize their affairs so that they minimize the to-do list they’ll leave behind. That’s all estate planning is, after all. Not something reserved for the wealthy, but something every adult should address.

In the meantime. I am struck by a word that is extremely popular with Lutherans. Really, there’s a running joke among my Lutheran Twitter circle that it might as well be our “word of the day” every. single. day. That word is vocation. The idea that every work has value and has the opportunity to be of service. And wow, is that point being driven home. The doctor and nurse. The trucker and store clerk. The teacher emailing worksheets and the moms and dads hitting Zoom and wrangling children. All of us can contribute to getting us through this.

Be healthy.

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